Campus Space for Online Classwork

Don’t have time to get home before your online class starts? Quiet places on campus allow you to attend your courses while still practicing social distancing. Whether you have an online class scheduled too close to an in-person class, or just need somewhere to attend your online courses without distractions, use this resource to find a study space. Study spaces include first-come-first-served classroom desks, study room reservations, individual desk reservations, and general open seating in the MU Student Center and Memorial Union.

Individual Classroom Desks – Available for Reservation


Group Study Rooms – Available for Reservation

Ellis Library – Reserve a Room
MU Student Center – Reserve a Room


First-Come-First-Serve Seats

MU Library

Ground Floor                                73 seats

First Floor                                      699 seats

Second floor                                 565 seats

Third floor                                       137 seats

Fourth floor                                     127 seats

MU Student Center

Ground Floor            31 seats

1st Floor

Dining Area        195 seats

Morts                  20 seats

The Shack           40 seats

Miscellaneous other spaces        18 seats

2nd Floor

CSI Seats             32 seats

Leadership Lounge         32 seats

Bridge                                24 seats

Traditions Lounge           17 seats

Miscellaneous                 1 seats

Memorial Student Union

Lower Level

Hawthorne Lounge         6 seats

Miscellaneous other spaces        14 seats

1st Floor

Bengal Lair         62 seats

Tower Lounge   13 seats

Miscellaneous other spaces        4 seats

2nd Floor

Jack Matthews Lounge  8 seats

Miscellaneous other spaces        14 seats

3rd Floor          1 seats

Archway Lounge              4 seats

Animal Sciences Research Center

Available for students to complete online coursework while on campus (M – F; 7:30-5).

S115 Animal Sciences Research Center (ASRC) – 7 seats

S117 ASRC —  8 seats

S146 ASRC – 15 seats; when not occupied for class

S145 ASRC –15 seats; when not occupied for class

ASRC Lobby and Hallway seating – 28 seats

Engineering (Lafferre)

Basement Level

W0001                14 seats

Common area   2 seats

First floor

W1000C              6 seats

Staff lounge       4 seats

Study Rooms     12 seats

C1202                  6 seats

E1420                  8 seats

Common Area   2 seats

2nd Floor

E2423                  2 seats

E2200                  8 seats

E2437A               2 seats

E2420                  4 seats

E2601                  2 seats

WC2000H           2 seats

3rd Floor

C3215                  4 seats

E3437                  2 seats

McAlester Hall

McAlester Hall Room 103 (a.k.a. Psychology Undergraduate Lounge) can safely allow 10 students to sit/work between classes.  Has a common printer for students, although we don’t have the tech personnel to monitor and service 24/7.

Student Success Center

Open Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm

Class will be in session Monday – Thursday 10am to 3pm

There is a class in the basement Tuesday – Thursday 3pm to 4pm

No classes on Friday

Students will not be able to study/use computers during class times, but they will be able to when classes are not in session.

Swallow Hall

Swallow Hall room 111 holds 6 students.

Switzler Hall

Switzler Hall Room 111 – 4 seats

Tate Hall

First Floor

Tate 112 has 5 student desks. This room is available M-F 8:00-5:00. Students are required to have headphones. The only internet availability in the room is wifi.

Tate 114D has 11 student desks. This room is available MTRF 8:00-5:00 and W 8:00-12:30.

Townsend Hall

Building is only unlocked during the week.

123 Townsend (Mac) lab that could seat up to 7 students at designated spaces Monday through Friday except on Tuesdays after 3:30.

105 Townsend classroom that is set for 9 without any individual technology that is currently available Monday through Friday during the day except Tuesdays after 4:00.