Award Criteria

To be eligible for consideration, a student must show that (s)he fulfills at least two of the following three criteria, as demonstrated through the letter(s) of nomination, transcript, and personal statement:

  • The student shows evidence of extraordinary intellectual curiosity.
    • i.e., pursues knowledge of a range of topics
    • e.g., civil engineering major who loves reading and discussing Russian literature
    • e.g., forestry major who routinely attends discussions on health policy
  • The student actively seeks knowledge beyond the classroom and strives to share that knowledge with public audiences for a broader impact.
    • i.e., seeks out and thrives in internships and research positions; participates in intellectually stimulating extracurricular activities
    • e.g., film studies major who premieres a documentary at a local film festival
    • e.g., political science major who commits to a full-time internship with a state legislator
  • The student significantly contributes to the academic atmosphere at MU.
    • i.e., inspires peers to excel academically by directly helping them or by acting as a role-model
    • e.g., marketing major who tutors struggling students at the Student Success Center
    • e.g., chemistry major who presents results of a research project at Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol

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