Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The primary responsibility of the Committee is to review course (courses numbered 1000-4999), minor, certificate and program proposals and changes after Division approval to verify that the proposal or change does not duplicate, without sufficient justification, a similar course, minor, certificate, or program already existing on the campus. The Committee will elect a chair and secretary; there will be monthly meetings with a quorum (simple majority) needed for action. Membership will be for two-year terms with a maximum of two consecutive terms. The committee makeup will consist of a single representative from every campus unit that awards a bachelor’s degree, specifically from these units’ own curriculum committee. Advisors Forum, MSA, the University Registrar’s Office and any division which does not currently offer bachelors’ degrees will/may have an ex-officio representative.

The campus Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, with support from the Registrar’s Office, has developed a set of procedures by which to honor its charge from the Provost and Faculty Council. These forms and submission instructions are available on the Office of the University Registrar website.

There are two parts to each course proposal: the required fields in the Course Information Management system, and the sample course syllabus.

The proposal or change should not duplicate, without sufficient justification, an offering already in place elsewhere on the University of Missouri campus, regardless of instructional modality. Two existing courses most similar must be entered into CIM and a description of the differences between the proposed and existing courses entered under justification.

A sample course syllabus should be attached. Syllabus should contain the following:
• Course description, including if applicable an Honors Philosophy and Goals Statement
• Course level goals outlining the skills and competencies following successful course completion
• Required texts and materials
• Course policies (absences, submitting late work, academic dishonesty statement)
• Assignments; grading procedures, including grading scale; and separate Honors grading procedures and scale, if applicable
• Sequence of topics by weeks or class session
• ADA Statement
• Prerequisite or corequisite course(s) required or recommended
• Additional requirements to receive graduate level credit (required for cross-level courses only)
• Syllabi should be presented in English, regardless of the language in which course is taught.

Recurring meeting pattern is the third Friday of every month. The committee reserves the right to limit its’ review to items submitted by 5pm on the first Friday of every month. This includes minor, certificate and program proposals available in the CIM Programs system, and to course proposals or edits available in the CIM Courses system.

To see a list of current members visit the UCC section of Campus Standing Committees.