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Celebrating first-generation students

Madalyn MurryOriginally published on Show Me Mizzou, 11/7/2022Wensdai Brooks, third-year law student in the School of Law Hometown: Santa Cruz, California What is the best part of being a student at Mizzou? The Mizzou community is the best. There's nothing better than the feeling you have after you leave the library and you’ve found the…

First-Generation Determination

Brooke Weiler, senior in biochemistry and psychology. As a first-generation student in STEM, Brooke Weiler, a Mizzou senior, hopes to influence others in years to come as a professor in STEM. “I would like to use my experiences at Mizzou to encourage other first-generation women in STEM.” Navigating her career interests overwhelmed her time as…

A smoky solution — for plants

Another great example of undergraduate research! Check out the full story at Show Me Mizzou. Randi Noel, a sophomore undergraduate researcher, checks on one of the plants in the lab.

That Aha Moment

I know what I want to do now!” This seems a simple statement, but Mary Todd, a senior in Biomedical Engineering, entered her Spring 2022 study abroad semester in Stockholm Sweden unsure about the direction of her career. After weeks of hands-on learning, field trips to see research labs in action and opportunities to speak…

A Revelation in Norway

Bergen Norway,  woven with hiking trails overlooking Tveitevannet Lake, immediately enticed Nate Beattie, a computer science major, “I found myself falling into a routine quickly to take advantage of living in a beautiful city," he said. "I would grab breakfast, take a train to class, study in the student union and then hike, bike or…

Winning Connections

Student support comes in many forms, with MU Connect being the catalyst connecting students, faculty and staff. The 2022 MU Connect Champions Award recipients model the importance of, and efficiency in, using MU Connect as part of the Mizzou’s commitment to student success. Elise Buchert, academic advisor for biological sciences and former student intern in…

Painting a clearer picture of COVID-19

MU researchers team up with eighth grader, MU undergrad to identify mutations in virus that may be causing its high infectivity.

Standing Out

MU advisor wins award for excellence in her field

Wide-Focus Introspection

Pair of Mizzou photography students and VADS participants named to prestigious list

Connecting to Success

Quartet wins MU Connect Champions Award for their dedication to student success.