Tastier tortillas and whiskey? The secret is in the corn

Danny Davis is on a quest to crossbreed the most nutritional, tastiest corn possible. The senior plant sciences major from Shakopee, Minnesota, came to the University of Missouri eager to combine her interest in DNA with research that improves the lives of both farmers and consumers.   Davis’ involvement in Mizzou’s Maximizing Access to Research…

Baseball umpire and academic coach

A self-described baseball junkie, Cole Lemasters figured out a way to participate in the game even when he wasn’t playing. At 14, he became a Little League baseball umpire and quickly fell in love with the art of perfecting his craft. Lemasters is now a junior at Mizzou and said one of the things he…

Kendall Feist, College of Engineering

Kendall Feist grew up on a farm in Cologne, Minnesota, and had 101 students in his graduating high school class. When he arrived at the University of Missouri, he decided to set his sights on the stars — literally. Feist was a mechanical engineering major who spent most of his time outside of class on…

Luke Pfitzinger, School of Nursing

Both of Luke Pfitzinger’s parents are graduates of the University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing, and when it was his time to pick his own academic focus at Mizzou, he decided to follow in his parents’ footsteps. To help cover his college expenses, Pfitzinger worked 80 hours per week as a firefighter and emergency…

Savannah Gonzales, College of Health Sciences

When she arrived at the University of Missouri for her freshman year, Savannah Gonzales didn’t know anyone, but the Muskego, Wisconsin, native quickly built a community of friends and mentors by getting involved on campus. Within the MU College of Health Sciences, she gained invaluable clinical experience in the Robert G. Combs Language Preschool serving…

Salute to CASE’S Excellent 2023 Graduates

Intergenerational dreams

Hitched to a STAR

Coming home

Expect Success

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