MizzouMACC Mentors


MizzouMACC Mentor Circles is a program designed to help students enrolled in MizzouMACC navigate their time in the program. Moving to a new school can be difficult and stressful, especially when trying to navigate Mizzou and MACC. MizzouMACC Mentor Circles will help you build community with other students within MizzouMACC, as well as meet other transfer students at Mizzou.

Students in each “mentor circle” will be of diverse ages, life stages and backgrounds, and will promote a collaborative space for students to learn and grow together. Each mentor circle will meet twice a month (or more if they would like). MizzouMACC Mentors will also have the opportunity to join TEAM (Transfer Experience and Advising Mentors) events each Tuesday throughout the semester. To get involved with MizzouMACC Mentor Circles, please fill out this form:

MIZZOUMACC Mentor Circles Sign Up

For more information about getting involved, please contact Lexi Wolkow (WolkowL@missouri.edu or 573-884-9700).