Faculty Mentor Information

A student may choose to apply to the Visual Art and Design Showcase on their own; nomination by an instructor is not required. However, submitted projects are required to have some aspect of mentorship by an appropriate Mizzou instructor to be considered.

Faculty mentors are not required to work with the student throughout the entire creation process. However, we anticipate that they will provide feedback during the project’s creation and assist with the application process.

How faculty mentors can help during the project creation
• Provide feedback on the project/art prior to completion.
• Advise the artist on the project’s overall aesthetic, provide feedback on both well executed areas and areas needing additional attention.

How faculty mentors may assist during the application process
• Provide feedback on and/or assist with drafting the artist statement.
• Provide feedback on the project title.
• Assist in selecting the images to submit with the application.

How faculty mentors can help students selected for the showcase
• Develop talking points with the student for the guest jury evaluation (which will be via Zoom).
• Review the experience with the student after the showcase.

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