Faculty Mentor Information

For 2018, students do not need to be nominated by their faculty mentor prior to submission; however, students must have a faculty mentor of record when they submit their application (due November 6).

Faculty mentors need to begin encouraging and working with students as soon as possible. We also encourage students to approach potential faculty mentors prior to November. All student work must be complete prior to submission.

  • Work with the student to develop their 150-200-word artist statement/project abstract for the submitted work. These will be used for selection into the showcase, shared with guest jury members and be made available to the public.
  • Provide feedback to the student on the project title.
  • Assist the student in selecting images representative of their final project to submit as part of the application process.
  • Assist the student in planning the display for their work to assure that it will be professional and appropriate to their medium and follow the space parameters provided in the Showcase prospectus. Upon request, limited funding will be available to assist with the cost of printing, framing and display preparation.
  • Assist students in ensuring that projects are completed and ready for display prior to the end of the fall semester (December 15). Students must notify the Committee where their work is stored. If the mentor and/or department is unable to store the project until installation day, students must contact the Committee to arrange for storage.
  • Develop talking points with the student for the Artists & Designers Reception (open to the public) and for the guest jury evaluation. This includes developing short presentations for the appropriate audiences, anticipating questions and practicing public speaking.
  • Review the experience with the student after the Showcase.
  • Complete a short survey to help improve the Visual Art & Design Showcase for future years.
  • Mentors of showcase awardees will work with the student to maximize the educational opportunity of the award and facilitate follow-up communication between the student and committee.