2020 Visual Art & Design Showcase Award Winners

Artistic Expression

  • Award of merit: $500 to Reactions of Reactions, a mixed media painting by Joe Dino
  • Award of merit: $500 to Handlebars, a video by Ryan Groom
  • Runner up: $1,000 to Caged Birds, a photograph series by Jessica Tifase
  • Grand prize: $2,000 to Reflections, a collaborative installation piece by Robin Haithcoat and Madessyn Zahn

Applied Design

  • Award of merit: $500 to I G N O T Z Missouri Heritage Garden, a landscape design by Zachary Ignotz
  • Award of merit: $500 to Jefferson Middle School by Melanie West, an adaptive reuse design
  • Runner up: $1,000 to A to Z Breakfast Cards by Jasmyne Tyler, a graphic design project
  • Grand prize: $2,000 to OTC Aquatics by Andy Kreiter, an architectural design project

Exhibition Awards

Sager Braudis Gallery Exhibition Award & Scholarship

  • Reflective by Robin Haithcoat and Madessyn Zahn, a collaborative installation piece

Ragtag Cinema Video Award

  • Cigarette in Love by Roxanne Wan, a film

University of Missouri Libraries Exhibition Award

  • Fugue by Amanda Lee and Molly Wainscott, a dress design

Museum of Art & Archaeology Showcase Award

  • False Profits by Tyree Taylor

People’s Choice Award

False Profits by Tyree Taylor