2019 Visual Art & Design Showcase Award Winners

Artistic Expression

Grand Prize
Marcelese Cooper, Cauchemar a’Pied, video

Madessyn Zahn, The Sweetheart, photography

Awards of Merit
Kayla Myers, Curis Part III, video
Gillian Smith, A.I. Taught You All I Could, printmaking

Mentor Award
Katina Bitsicas


Applied Design

Grand Prize
Jingyi Wu, The Blue Peony Collection, apparel design

Coulton Becker, Fairview Community Church, architectural design

Awards of Merit
Davion Thomas, Contemporary Wine Holder, architectural design
Zhuo Cao, Puppy Calendar, graphic design

Mentor Award
Kristen Morris


Exhibition Awards

Sager | Braudis Gallery Exhibition Award & Scholarship
Jade Thompson, Who the hell can be me?, painting

Residents Arts Exhibition Award
Hannah Williams, There are no atheists in foxholes, photography

Ragtag Cinema Video Award
Marcelese Cooper, Cauchemar a’Pied, video

Museum of Art & Archeology Showcase Award
Rachel Choma, God does not play dice, mixed media

MU Libraries Display Award
Summer Richie, Boys will by Boys, mixed media


People Choice

Sabrina Morris, Blooming Trash, flora